Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vertex Standard Brings its Two-Way Radio Service to Malaysia

Vertex Standard, a Japanese company who manufacturer two-way radio and communications devices, has been around for quite some time now and yesterday, they have partner with Tele Dynamics Global Com to expand its business to our local market. Featuring very rugged two-way radios that can meet U.S. military standards, Vertex Standard’s communication devices are aimed to be used at retails, construction sites, vehicles such as taxis (using their mobile two-way radio as opposed to portables) and even hotels.

For now, they will be launching their commercial radios in Malaysia namely the VX-160, VX-231 and VX-350 which will be priced from RM600 to RM850 for one communication device. In the future – near future I hope, Vertex Standard and Tele Dynamics will be bringing in the higher range of communication devices which will be priced at around RM1,500 as well as amateur and marine two-way radio devices. The company also manufactures other radio communication devices for other use such as airband radios as well as accessories and peripherals.

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