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It looks like a signature of amateur radio communication, using phonetics, that is, hi hi.
"If it is Kota Bharu, it should be KB and in QSO it should be Kilo Bravo. Kuala Terengganu should be Kilo Tango, Besut is Bravo. As you've noticed those from Kuala Lumpur often as Kilo Lima. So, where are you from?"
"Kilo Lima."
"Hmm.. how long was the travel, 16 hours?"
"To Kilo Bravo, 46 minutes."
"Eh, that's prompt, you flew?"
"No, I drove from Kedai Lalat for some errand in Kuala Besut. There was not much traffics as people have returned home, those from Kuala Lumpur have gone home, leaving the road traffics pretty sparse, other than a few bulls and cows by the roadside."
Phonetics, is used in telephony (phone, for short) to spell word, making it clear copy receive. In audio, "M" and "N" can be ambiguous otherwise the receiver has a good knowledge of the context. Thou in poor readability, R3 for example, phonetics can help to improve copy. Abbreviations should be spoken as the original words out of its ambiguity, SSM would be Sistem Saraan Malaysia, definitely not as Susah Sampai Mampus
Now and then, it has been monitored, phonetics has been used excessively, pretty much legible information was spelt in phonetics. That proved too much, too "stylish" form of communicating which render sloppiness.
Radiowave is a shared commodity, people are taking turn to use the frequency. So, it will be nice to spend enuf time on air, not too long, but ample moment to contribute idea or opinion to the current topic being discussed. Help others by trying not to let other people's thought wander with your dilly dally attitude of expressing your opinion. Repeat your statement when your are being request to, you may express it once and done with it.
Phonetics Kilo Lima does not necessarily mean Kuala Lumpur. To locals, it may means Kedai Lalat, Kg. Laut or Kubang Labu. Bravo may means Bachok, or Berok (in Tumpat).
Radiowave communication, or any communication at all, information must be passed correctly, even in certain government act that covers radiowave (public) communication, including amateur radio operation, a message must not be passed in cipher or coded form which is difficult to comprehend or easily misunderstood.

Please refer to page 21 of the Guideline for Amateur Radio Service in Malaysia, under Prohibited Transmission for Amateur Radio Station, quote:

b) Do not transmit any music; communications intended to facilitate a criminal act; messages in codes or ciphers intended to obscure the meaning thereof, except as provided herein; messages containing profane, offensive, obscene or indecent words of any language; or false or deceptive message, signals or indication.

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Antenna Yang Mudah Di buat "Ground-Plane Antenna"

GROUND-PLANE ANTENNA A vertical quarter-wave antenna several wavelengths above ground produces a high angle of radiation that is very undesirable at vhf and uhf frequencies. The most common means of producing a low angle of radiation from such an antenna is to work the radiator against a simulated ground called a GROUND PLANE. A simulated ground may be made from a large metal sheet or several wires or rods radiating from the base of the radiator. An antenna so constructed is known as a GROUND-PLANE ANTENNA. Two ground-plane antennas are shown in figure , views A and B.

Figure .—Ground-plane antennas. CORNER REFLECTOR When a unidirectional radiation pattern is desired, it can be obtained by the use of a corner reflector with a half-wave dipole. A CORNER-REFLECTOR ANTENNA is a half-wave radiator with a reflector. The reflector consists of two flat metal surfaces meeting at an angle immediately behind the radiator. In other words, the radiator is set in the plane of a line bisecting the corner angle formed by the reflector

Click here to make the simple antenna
Simple Ground Plane Antenna!

Design Ground Plane Antenna by Calculation
Ground Plane Antenna! by Calculation

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Peta Lokasi Sambutan Hari Ibu dan Peta Lokasi Kelas RAE

Peta lokasi Kelas RAE

Peta Lokasi Sambutan Hari Ibu
Double click to zoom out

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gotong Royong Membersih Dewan JKKK Batu 3

Satu aktiviti gotong royong membersihkan dewan JKKK Batu 3 Sempena Majlis Sambutan Hari Ibu

Masa: 11.30 pm onwards
Tempat: Dewan JKKK Batu 3 (berdekatan dengan Rejab Tom Yam)

Semua Ahli Di galakan Hadir.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gambar Sekitar Majlis Muzakarah

*Terima kasih pada 9W2TOM atas sumbangan gambar-gambar diatas.

Koleksi Gambar-Gambar dari 9W2YYB

Ahli Jawatankuasa 2008/2009 Astra Tengah

Kod Etika Ahli Radio Amator

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